Anonymous asked:

Do you know any joshifer fics that have a pretty large number of chapters? Btw I freaking love this blog xoxo

joshiferrecs answered:

I freaking love that you love this blog. I also freaking love chapter stories. There’s nothing like being taken on a journey through the character’s love story.

Here are a few that you may enjoy:

By jamiesommers23

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers: Outtakes

Intimate Confessions (WIP)

Betting on the Infield (AU)

By lurkinginthecorner

I Loved You All Along

By areyouserial

Tell me you Know

No Going Back

By burlesonspride

You Can Always Come Home

By ficwriter1999

Happiness in Hardships (WIP)

By purelyjoshifer

Can a Man and a Woman Just Be Friends

By arrowsandsunsets

Slow it Down

By fixatedonpeeta


I love one-shots, but there’s nothing like losing yourself for hours in a full-length chapter fic.

Enjoy anon

The Joshiferrecs Team


sarfboart asked:

Do you know of any Joshifer Baby Or Pregnant fanfiction. I'm in the mood for it 💁💁🙋🙋👌👌👌👌

burlesonspride answered:

There are several. I have some as well a few other great authors around here.

Hey, joshiferrecs, can you possibly link this beautiful person to some Joshifer babies please? Thanks in advance! Good luck and happy reading!


Okay, there’s a pregnancy/baby page and no we do not have all of the stories on there but it has a good list to start off with.

The joshiferrecs Team


Anonymous asked:

Do you know that joshifer fanfic were jennifer has a stalker and she and josh have to hide there relationship? I'm sorry to bug you but I don't remember we're I found it and you would be a life savor if you linked it to me! 💛💙💜💚

joshiferrecs answered:

I believe the story you are looking for is Happiness in Hardships by ficwriter1999. Here are the links to each chapter as she does not have a dedicated page to the story. You can find it under the happiness in hardships tag though.

The joshiferrecs Team

Happiness in Hardships


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten


Egg Hunt - Joshifer Easter One shot


Hello - so…last night I had a request for a Joshifer Easter story.  Hopefully this is not too disappointing, anon :)  Warning for a bit of smut (and apologies for that as well, lol)

Happy Easter!!!


“Josh, they’re never going to be able to reach that,” Jennifer said pointing at the bright yellow Easter egg that he was placing in the Chandelier in the living room of their spacious Kentucky home.

“That’s the point, Jennifer,” he chuckled.

“The point is to frustrate your kids on Easter?  Score massive dad points for you.”

“I’m teaching them ingenuity and teamwork, if they really want that egg they’ll figure it out,” he replied placing a basket on top of the high cabinet.

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Anonymous asked:

I meant some lol. Can you give me some stories where josh and Jen are married?

joshiferrecs answered:

Here are a few:

The Yellow Beanie by joshs-left-earlobe

Mrs. H by italk-too-much

And the Oscar Goes To… by burlesonspride

The Winter of my Heart by jamiesommers23

Lie Down my Girl by jenniferlawrenceismyspiritanimal

Thanks for asking

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Thank you to those that have already done this.

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